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About Idea Camp

Children's dreams and flexibility create the world.

iDEA CAMP helps to establish the identity of the idea brain and creativity by providing a place to generate ideas for children. Even if the times change or a big plague spreads, we always do our best to take on challenges ahead of the times because we understand the importance of it.

We promise the satisfaction of the children who participated. The child said, "There is no loss." Whether you're starting with an idea that comes to mind or a concept that's fleshed out in detail, iDEA CAMP can help shape your vision. Please feel free to contact us.











A place to be released from the heart

Do you have

The fun of Idea Camp ®︎ is

Feel free to choose what you like

It is a good place to combine.

As children gradually grow up,

You can understand the sensibleness and become a common sense idea.

Some may call it growth.

With the rise of AI these days, may the jobs that have been up to now disappear?
Even though it is said, I am still studying the existing 5 subjects.


Doing the same thing as before

Is it okay to do it?


For example, in parents

Is there anyone who is worried about this?

🍀😞 I'm not good at studying at school and I'm worried about my child's future ...

🍀😞 Those who feel that there are limits to school education and cram schools

🍀😞 I want my kids to learn freely, but how to spend time

I don't know how .

I have flexible ideas for all children and adults

For "adults with abundant creativity"


I hope you will become.

People who think about interesting things do not look at the world with common sense.

For example, if you go to a convenience store, do you just buy things?

Here's the question!










What if you ask this question?

"In the convenience store

Think of a new product . "

How about now?
The convenience store I used to use all the time


Don't you think it will become an attraction ?

We are very fortunate to have the experience of being pleased to find that your child has "hidden talent".

Idea Camp aims at idea education to contribute to the world with "the kindness of Japanese people" and "feelings for people".

The Idea Camp has mobilized a total of 1,000 people since it was held in 2015 as an event to bring out the creativity of children.
Corona In September 2019, it was also held on Bohol Island in the Philippines, and it was found that there are no borders in creativity and creativity.



It is held in Okinawa, Tochigi, Tokyo, etc.
Taking Okinawa as an example, what kind of resources does Okinawa have, which is surrounded by the sea on all sides?
If a child can learn about the charm of the local area and come up with an idea that can be disseminated overseas, it can be expanded through SNS and other media.


If you have a child who is tired of it, it may be a chance.

There are three patterns of boredom: normal boredom, charismatic boredom, and genius boredom . The latter can also have a tremendous effect on sickness, even when stimulated at a young age.

Is it okay for me to participate?
If you are thinking, please do not hesitate to join us.
Basically, there is no participation fee from children.

It is OK to have parents participate together.
This is because I want my dad and mom to wake up first.

Not only parents who want to try out their children's potential
It's a great opportunity for anyone who wants to test their potential.

I would like to introduce the impression video of the idea camp that was held at Tokyo Shirokane on November 28th the other day.

You can see the difference between the viewpoint of a child and the viewpoint of an adult.

[🍀 iDEACAMP Benefits 🍀]

🍀 Get self-affirmation, respect for others, and successful experiences .
🍀 Get creativity, human power, and idea ability .
🍀 You can get empathy and excitement .
🍀 Get local love .

🌟 Ask the participating parents

Please join the parents as a separate team and observe from a distance.
You will surely see a surprisingly free and lively figure.

🌟 What you need Sticky notes, pens, notebooks (plain), PC is good

🌟 What you have prepared Sticky notes, pens, imitation paper, A4 paper, etc.

Original Design Thinking Work "Nikkori Work" will generate 10 to 30 original ideas in 15 minutes.


Design it! For futures.

Design thinking lab / FUTURES PLACE project


Text by Noah Okuma.

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