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The future of the store is not real,

Do not you think?

If you use VR to attract customers to your store,

You will know it before you come.
By knowing in advance

Rest assured, tell your friends,

Behavior changes

It will be an intriguing experience.

This technology has been introduced in more than 1000 locations throughout Japan in 2021 alone.

Easy VR in your store.

Easy to install


We will give you a quote with one email. Please tell us the size of the store.

5 hours shooting

Shooting will be completed within 5 hours on about 100 square meters.

Delivered in a week

It can be delivered to the specified media in about one week.

In addition, a nice benefit


Google map display

If you save the VR data of the store in the cloud, you can also search on Google Maps and see the inside of the store.

​ Even if the store is in a disadvantageous location such as the second floor, it is safe to see and know in advance. You can come to your shop.

EC site cooperation is also possible

Shops that already have an EC site can purchase things in VR.

Even in stores that do not have an EC site, you can make payments in VR. Please contact us.

Pop-up stores forever

Stores for a limited time: Even if it is a pop-up store, there will be stores in the VR space. It is also a nice benefit to be able to use it for the second time without wasting the cost of the store display once it was spent.


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