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iDEACAMP Contest Held

here we go! Let's put the idea into shape!

Since 2015, the Idea Camp has mobilized 1052 people (results on January 11, 2022), both domestically and internationally. It was also conducted in Bohol Island, Philippines in 2019, and it was found that borders are not involved in the process of coming up with ideas. This time, we will hold an idea contest as a new initiative to position the future of Japan by giving shape to flexible ideas in the younger generation. There are three application items. As for the base, you will think of ideas by utilizing our original creative work "Nikkori Work". I accept fantasies a lot. But also pay attention to its usefulness. Who is the design for? Is very important.

Application entry form

Application period: January 15th (Sat) -February 15th (Tuesday) 23:59, 2022 Qualifications: Children's Ideas Department (elementary school to high school students nationwide)         Adult Ideas Department (College students and above nationwide)
Organized by: Design Thinking Institute, FUTURES PLACE PROJECT
* For details, please see the QR code on the right.


The 2022 challenge.
A vision that changes the world with ideas.


Anyone is free to participate.

This is the application URL.


Please download the following formats and apply for each contest.
​ You can apply from the above QR code. If you have any questions or comments in the chat, the person in charge will answer.

Idea Camp Contest Overview


Smile work


Idea T-shirt application format


Idea camp / picture book section


Idea Camp Cup Division

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