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" Will my experience change the store? " 👀
Store design sketch

~ Form ideas that are unique to the field

One and only participatory consulting event ~


Wonderland without loss

Let's go out to the world with design thinking and idea education!

Experiences of iDEACAMP participants

A lot of "good!" To you


I participated in the iDEACAMP Marathon!


I enjoyed talking with everyone about ideas and spreading ideas more and more.


I thought it would be nice if there was no loss!


I also want to participate!

(Tochigi: Small 4)


When the grades reach the upper grades, we have to think about common sense.


But at the idea camp, it's really fun to have the freedom to come up with a lot of ideas from the world of delusions or fantasies.


iDEACAMP Kids I am very happy to be a facilitator!

(Tokyo: 5th grade)


​I met the idea camp in mid-December 2021. I definitely want to experience this! I learned from Pell-chan how to come up with ideas for design thinking. It's really fun to get together at home and come up with ideas! I'm going to a university in Tokyo from spring, and I'm planning to create an eye can club circle there as well! I'm very excited!

(Okinawa: High 3)


At first, I only came up with ordinary ideas,


I was glad that I got an idea like Doraemon when I started to put out more and more with my friends.

I want to come up with more ideas and improve Japan!

(Tochigi: 6th grade)


What's interesting!

Anyway, there is no loss! No hit! It's a mess to combine your favorite things with the things in the world! fun! !!

​ It's really fun to be able to change ideas with your friends ^^

(Tokyo: Small 3)