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List of design thinking and services

For everyone who wants a "design that can be transmitted"

Drawing Figures
Designers Working

Business card


By adding "play" to your business card, you can add "maze art" that makes you feel your charm.

Even if you get a business card, you won't really think it. The maze is hidden in this business card, so you always have time to watch the person's portrait.

It will be a new communication tool that designs and thinks about the destination of the business card. People who make such business cards will have the impression that they are full of creativity.

From 55,000 yen

* Included in the above amount

❶ 30 minutes free hearing

❷ Vission counseling

( 120 minutes to guide your strength)

❷ 200 business cards


Logo design to act


Make your brand more attractive

iDEA CAMP quickly provides new designs that meet your expectations. Our logo design solutions work together to create every stage of your vision, from concept to realization.


A logo design in which the customer does not take action is a sin. Corporate identity cannot be described only by the sensibilities of being cool and somehow good. What does design have if it is not a design that makes sense and encourages action?


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via chat.

The idea of website design with marketing

Brain marketing
(NEURO Marketing)

Would you like to create a website that uses each selling mechanism using?

Designer Noah Okuma

A unique Jewish creative innovation designer with experience studying abroad in Israel.

​ Jewish marketing

The Nobel Prize 1/5 (20%) is Jewish and globally proven. You can develop marketing from a global perspective by unraveling the market and the method created from the market from the Jewish scripture Talmud. You want " it " without even knowing it.

This is one of the most popular services. From design concept decisions to project completion, our staff will realize your vision. Please contact us for more information.

From 1.35 million yen

Graphic design to act

Impressive work making

The staff at iDEA CAMP understands the importance of creating works that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. With top-class graphic design, we help your brand set itself apart from the competition.

Even if you create a persona, it has no meaning unless you utilize it. You need to add the words that match the character to the photo. Encouraging action on the target is paramount. Furthermore, we need the power to realize it.

We provide accompaniment to help embed invisible philosophies in graphic design.

Please contact us for more information.

From 350,000 yen


A new perspective found by iDEA CAMP

Your brand. Design for you.

iDEA CAMP supports your corporate strategy with smart, engaging content and design. If you are looking for originality and innovation, please leave it to us. Please contact us to make a reservation for consulting.

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